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1075 South Fox Street – Denver, CO

1075 South Fox Street - Denver, CO

The Kaya Cannabis Santa Fe dispensary is located at 1075 South Fox Street in Denver, Colorado. The retail marijuana store is situated in a prime industrial/retail corridor, just south of Vanderbilt Park, within walking distance of the South Platte River, and accessible from Interstate 25 (I-25). The cannabis shop is also within driving distance of Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek State Park, and the Denver Zoo.

The 1075 South Fox Street dispensary operates out of a two-story building that was first constructed in 1965 before undergoing renovations in 2014. The property, which measures at 6,050 square feet, is used as both a retail store and a cannabis cultivation facility. The founders of Kaya Cannabis operated the marijuana store for different owners before purchasing the 1075 South Fox Street property in 2016. The name of the dispensary was then changed from Southwest Alternative Care to Kaya Cannabis Santa Fe. The Kaya Santa Fe dispensary stocks premium brands at affordable prices and offers customers a wide variety of high-quality medical and recreational marijuana products, including concentrates, live resin, edibles, and pre-rolled joints. Kaya Cannabis is a craft growing cannabis company, which means that they cultivate their own cannabis product in small batches while utilizing a team of in-house experts to create unique strains in every batch. Kaya Cannabis also provides wholesale to other cannabis companies looking for additional retail marijuana products.

Scythian Real Estate acquired the 1075 South Fox Street property in September 2020 as part of a sale-leaseback transaction with Kaya Cannabis. This is the first Kaya Cannabis property purchased by Scythian. (Kaya Cannabis also operates dispensaries located on West Colfax in Denver and West Jewell Avenue in Lakewood.)

Location: 1075 South Fox Street, Denver, CO 80223

Operator: Kaya Cannabis

Type: Retail, Cultivation

Size: 6,050 square feet