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3179 South Peoria Court – Aurora, CO

The Green Solution Peoria dispensary is located at 3179 South Peoria Court in Aurora, Colorado. This recreational marijuana dispensary is in the heart of one of the Denver metro area’s most heavily trafficked retail corridors, right off Parker Road and Interstate 225 (I-225) and within driving distance of Platt College and Cherry Creek State Park. Additionally, the cannabis retail property is just steps from the Aurora Nine Mile Station light rail stop, which is a busy hub for commuters traveling across Colorado.

The 4,922-square-foot building that houses the South Peoria Court marijuana shop is a former McDonald’s restaurant that was first renovated in early 2015. Just a few years later, The Green Solution (TGS) upgraded the building to match the new TGS branding and to provide greater street visibility. The interior of The Green Solution Peoria is visually striking, with 30-foot ceilings and pleasant floral aromas circulating throughout a waiting room that was previously a McDonald’s PlayPlace.

The 3179 South Peoria Court dispensary offers customers an abundance of award-winning cannabis strains, flowers, topicals, edibles, and concentrates, as well as marijuana-infused products and accessories such as bongs, oil rigs, and pipes. Ample parking is available for cars and RVs, the store is wheelchair accessible, and there is an ATM in the lobby.

Scythian Real Estate acquired the 3179 South Peoria Court building, along with several other real estate assets, from The Green Solution in February 2018. Scythian then leased the property back to The Green Solution for operation as a retail marijuana dispensary.

Location: 3179 South Peoria Court, Aurora, CO 80014

Operator: The Green Solution

Type: Retail

Size: 4,922 square feet

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