Scythian Cannabis Real Estate Partner


Scythian has a robust pipeline of opportunities in the growing cannabis real estate industry. Our current accredited investors gain access to an unlevered fixed income vehicle without entitlement or construction risk. 

All new investors are diversified across the current portfolio.

Current Portfolio

Through our long-standing relationships with respected cannabis operators, we have built a stable real estate portfolio that spreads throughout Colorado, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania delivering above-market returns and providing capital security.

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Why Scythian?

 The Scythian team has been providing the cannabis industry real estate solutions since 2014 and is one of the largest privately held partnerships in the sector.  As a result, Scythian is a trusted 3rd party landlord and real estate partner to some of the most esteemed operators expanding nationally. 


Trusted Owner of Cannabis Real Estate

Scythian currently owns 16 cannabis properties with five years of operating history. We have successfully acquired and managed our portfolio of high-performing cannabis real estate assets while minimizing overhead.


Comprehensive Due Diligence Process

Scythian’s team of experts has extensive experience in commercial real estate and has developed a rigorous due diligence process for identifying properties that are well-located, priced market value – with limited cannabis premium – and also appeal to non-cannabis end-users.


Premier Real Estate

Scythian is the preferred real estate partner for cannabis companies inside Colorado and nationally, deploying its real estate know-how in identifying, evaluating, and acquiring strategically located properties. Our involved approach allows us to receive above-market cap rates.


Low Acquisition Cost Per Location

Scythian’s existing portfolio is being rolled-in at an average cost of $2.1 million per location, which compares favorably to the marketplace and reduces asset concentration risk. The relatively low cost per property also enables Scythian to be able to more easily re-let to a new tenant inside or outside the cannabis industry.


Experience in a Well-Tested Market

Scythian’s existing portfolio is located in the nation’s most developed and mature legal cannabis market: Colorado.

Acquisition Pipeline

Scythian is raising additional capital to fulfill an existing acquisition pipeline.

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